DBA introduces performance direct replacement FRONTbrake rotors for the new 2012 model


The new part numbers will be:

DBA2060  (Street series standard finish)
DBA2060X (Street series cross-drilled & slotted)
DBA2060S   (4X4 Survival Series T2 slot design)
DBA42060S   (4X4 Survival series T3 slot design)
DBA42060XS   (4X4 Survival series HD 4000XS)


Rotor Dimensions:

A) Diameter: 300mm
B) Height: 40.25mm
C) Original Thickness: 27mm
D) Scrap Thickness: 25mm
E) Centre Hole Diameter: 88mm
F) Mounting Holes 6 x M12 x 1.25

PCD for mounting holes is dia 109mm


Pictured below is the 4X4 Survival series T3 slot design


Features of 4X4 T3 slot design

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