Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) manifests its position as Australia’s number one rotor manufacturer and leading brake solutions supplier at the recent AAAE show, putting on display the full width and depth of its ever-expanding product range as well as a selection of its all-new product designs.

For over 40 years, DBA has been recognised as one Australia’s leading automotive technology companies. Whether it is bringing new braking technology to the Australian market or ‘getting there first’ with the right product for any new vehicle, customers can trust in DBA’s state of the art braking solutions. Consequently, as a snapshot of its latest developments, DBA amongst others showcased an electronic brake caliper with integrated park brake as well as its range of Street Series and 4000 Series brake rotors for the all-new Toyota Landcruiser 300 Series, which were met with great interest from the industry.








Occupying the main two ‘product islands’ on its exhibition stand, DBA showed off its Street Series OE replacement package of brake rotors, drums, pads, shoes and calipers, as well as its range of upgrade 4000 Series and performance 5000 Series rotors with the respective matching brake pads. The message was there for everyone to see – Australia’s number 1 rotor manufacturer is on track to becoming a complete ‘one stop shop’ for all braking needs. Already now, DBA’s coverage of the ANZ market is one of the most comprehensive in the industry, with many international applications also being continuously added.

Speaking of international, Disc Brakes Australia proudly took home the 2022 Gold Award for Excellence in Export from the AAAA Gala Night. Testament to DBA’s newly invigorated engagement with its overseas customers, the award recognises the company’s strategy to grow its international business through long-term sales and marketing initiatives. International Manager, Anthony Sullivan, who has been heading up DBA’s Export business since 2020, accepted the award on behalf of DBA. “In uncertain times, our team’s continued focus on our international efforts is testament to the recognition this evening. Thank you also to Stuart and the entire AAAA team – your continued support to Australian businesses trying to develop globally is highly valued.”

Finally, DBA presented a special highlight on Friday afternoon, with Supercar drivers James Courtney and Thomas Randle making an appearance on the stand for an exclusive photo and autograph opportunity. Fans were invited to talk anything brakes and beyond with their idols ahead of the Melbourne race weekend.