After over four decades at the forefront of disc brake rotor manufacturing, DBA was determined to develop its very own range of high-quality brake pads. Our pad range is the result of an exhaustive research and development program, having put these pads through their paces on the street, off-road, at the racetrack and our extensive testing equipment.

Our brake pads are direct replacement, i.e. require no modification to your vehicle, and have been designed from the ground up as the perfect match with our long-established and trusted range of disc brake rotors, providing the same level of quality, performance and safety.

Our exhaustive range of brake pads covers over 95% of vehicles on Australian roads and offers options to suit all driving needs, from daily drivers to four-wheel drives and days out on the track . DBA is able to offer a pad and rotor combination to suit your needs.

For our range of performance pads (Street Performance, Xtreme Performance, and Race Performance) we have aligned the colour coding with the THGP paint markings on our 4000 Series and 5000 Series performance rotors. We recommend that you choose your DBA performance brake pad to match the respective rotor paint marking that represents your driving style.

To ensure you choose the perfect DBA brake rotor and pad combination, please refer to the Disc Rotor & Brake Pad Reference Guide, to assist in matching your driving style to the right disc rotor and pad for the job!

In-depth technical information is available at the Q&A section on our website.

Ideal for:

•  OE replacement & everyday use
•  Passenger cars & SUV’s
•  Light commercial Vehicles
•  Use with DBA Street Series Disc Rotors

Ideal for:

• OE upgrade
• Performance cars, SUVs & 4WDs
• Use with DBA Performance Disc Rotors

Ideal for:

• Performance street cars & track use
• High GVM towing, heavy off-road use
• Use with DBA Performance Disc Rotors

Ideal for:

• Super sprints & circuit racing
• Extreme temperature applications
• Only use with high performance rotors, such as DBA 5000 Series
• Not suitable for road use

Technical Features:

Reduce noise, vibration and harshness

Facilitation of temperature stability / removal of dust and debris

Premium Quality Shim
Application Specific Multi Layered elastomeric coated shim for noise reduction

Post-curing / Scorching Process (TSP)
Raises cold friction effectiveness & reduces bedding-in time

Friction Material
Application specific friction materials with varying friction coefficient,
fade, noise and performance features

Bedding-In Stripe
The Titanium infused stripe increases the initial friction co-efficient to improve initial stopping power performance and assist in the bedding-in process by better preparing the mating surfaces between rotor and brake pad

What’s In the Box

Brakes Pads (Axle Set)
High Temperature brake Pad Lubricant
Servicing Sticker (Door Frame)
Bedding – In Instructions
Brake Pad Sensor*

* where applicable