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DBA’s most advanced brake rotors on the market, the new 5000 Series T3 Slotted Rotors are designed to perform in extreme road and race applications. These rotors are a great upgrade for your third generation Subaru Impreza WRX STI when paired with the factory fitted Brembo calipers; simple to install and provide confidence in hard braking situations. The owner of this vehicle chose to upgrade from one-piece 4000 Series T3 to the two piece 5000 Series T3; a modification that any enthusiasts can complete with a few basic tools.

To install the rotors you must first remove the wheel, ensure the wheel nuts have been loosened before jacking up the car and removing the wheel. With the car jacked up, place jack stands under the vehicle as added security.

Once the wheel has been removed, you will have complete access to the braking components. Remove the brake pads from the caliper and using the correct tool push the caliper piston back.

The caliper can then be unbolted from its supports without disconnecting the brake line and secured away from the rotor without letting it hang by the hose. When the caliper is mounted securely out of the way, remove the old brake rotor from the hub. At this stage it is important to check hub bearings for wear and remove any scale or grit from the hubs surface to ensure a positive contact with the inside of the new rotor.

Above is a visual comparison of the 5000 Series T3 rotor (left) compared to the 4000 Series T3 rotor (right). The 5000 Series two piece rotors offer the same benefits as the 4000 Series one piece item, but offer a lightweight design thanks to the incorporation of Alumalite hats made from 6061-T6 aeronautical grade aluminum. This reduces a great amount of unsprung weight, improving suspension and handling characteristics during high performance use.

If your car has a build-up of rust scale on the hub, clean off the build-up with some medium-grit sandpaper to ensure a clean mounting surface. Secure the rotor in place with a wheel nut to re-install the brake caliper, making sure the brake line returns to its original location. Select correct brake pads suited to the style and needs of the driver.

Check the condition of brake fluid in the engine bay reservoir and replace as necessary. Do not flush dirty fluid through the system by removing dirty fluid from the reservoir.

Once all braking components have been securely fitted, refit the wheel, tightening the nuts in correct sequence and to the recommended torque setting. Repeat for all four wheels.

As most brake components have suggested bedding in periods it is important to understand how long each product should be used before any aggressive braking is performed. Always follow the initial bed in process supplied by your brake pad manufacturer, but the DBA 5000 Series T3 Slotted rotors will take approximately 300km of normal driving to completely bed in.

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