Whiteline were pleased to announce a new look for their suspension and chassis products brand with an update that centres around the refreshed logo, which now boasts its very own brand mark.

The launch of this new logo kicks off a new era at Whiteline that represents who they are as a brand, and is a direct reflection of the enthusiast community of which they serve – dynamic, simplistic and purely functional.

Whiteline kicked off the new branding with a sizeable display at Sydney Motorsport Park for the World Time Attack Challenge, with plenty of neat cars both on display and in competition.

Their P32 WRX STI project features DBA 4000 Series Club-Spec rotors, and initial feedback from Whiteline after Scottish driver Andy Forrest put them through their paces, has been exemplary. “The brakes are great! Andy gave them a hefty workout on Wednesday morning at WTAC and reeled off some 80 laps around SMP trying to learn the track for his World Time Attack outing,” says Andrew Nolan, GMM of Whiteline.

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The menacing black EVO also cut a rather striking pose wherever it was spotted around the track.

A most notable addition to the automotive line-up was the 1,200hp twin-turbo Impreza of Andy Forrest, proudly supported all the way from Scotland by Whiteline.

Unfortunately a broken tailshaft and the resulting transmission carnage – caused by a $20 needle roller bearing on the 4th gear – put Andy out of contention, forcing his crew to call it quits after much deliberation, support and problem-solving on potential repairs by countless sources.

“We were on for a sub 1:30 lap when the box went and that was with a turn 1 speed some 30-40 kays short of our target. To put that lap time in context, the Australian V8 Supercars, running on slicks and with pro drivers, lap in the 1:30’s,” explains Andy.

“We were running 280kph down the straight on minimum boost, braking early for turn 1, so I can’t wait to find out what it would do with the additional 400bhp available from high boost, never mind the nitrous! We’re already booked in for WTAC 2016 for some unfinished business now!”