Project Description

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Choosing the correct disc brake setup for a fun day at the track can often be confusing and expensive if you use a product not fit for the purpose.

The aftermarket disc brake industry is very competitive and full of confusing sales hype and marketing to attract the buyer.

Unfortunately, “BLING” can very quickly turn to “PING” (cracks) if you buy on appearance only.

As Chief Engineer with Disc Brakes Australia, manufacturing company, located in Sydney Australia, I have many years of hands-on experience at the track whether it be Super Sprints, GT Performance or 24hr racing. Also, off road with the rally drivers. Part of my role is to push the limitations of the disc brake system and analyse the failures to design a better disc rotor. Possibly one of the biggest challenges was developing a disc rotor that would survive 24hrs of continuous racing on the unforgiving Bathurst circuit in Australia.

A critical disc change, pit stop was avoided to enable a championship win for the GT Performance class Subaru WRX STi. This product soon became the DBA 4000 series and expanded rapidly throughout the range.

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