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Over tightening of wheel lug nuts can distort the disc rotor resulting in uneven rotor wear and eventually disc thickness variation DTV.

There’s only one simple rule when tightening the lug/wheel nuts on a vehicle: The rotors need to be tightened evenly onto the hub to avoid distortion. Do not use rattle guns to torque wheel nuts without a correct torque stick wrench to control the blow from the rattle‐gun.

When tightening the lug/wheel nuts, it is best to follow the directions included in your manual.

The ideal method to tighten wheel nuts when using pneumatic or battery impact wrenches is to select a torque stick approximately 60% of the final torque and application using the recommended star pattern. Finish to the final setting with a torque bar/wrench by hand also using a star pattern to ensure even distribution of load.

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