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Anti-lock Braking System;
Typically, the ABS system consists of an electronic control unit (ECU), four-wheel speed sensors and a hydraulic valve fitted in the circuit between the master cylinder and brake calipers. The ECU monitors wheel speed to predict loss of tractive contact between the tyre and the road. The ABS system overrides the brake system hydraulics to initiate cadence braking (on-off) to avoid wheel lock up and loss of control.

Abrasive Friction
In braking Abrasive Friction is the generation of brake torque through material interference causing a grinding effect on both brake pad and disc rotor. Abrasive friction is essential for maintaining friction consistency in heavy duty or high-performance applications. Semi-Metallic brake pads use abrasive friction

Abutment Clips
Abutment clips are the complimentary hardware components that are fitted to the brake caliper to accommodate the brake pads. These components are used to reduce wear on the caliper mating faces and to apply spring force on the pads to reduce vibration or assist in retraction from the rotor face when the brake pedal is released.

Backing Plate
Is the steel component in a brake pad that provides adequate stiffness to evenly distribute the force output by the caliper piston/s across the surface area of the brake pad friction material. The backing plate profile is also shaped to fit the caliper guides to ensure proper positioning of the pad material and accommodate anti-vibration springs to minimise noise.

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