Revolutionary bi-directional slot design
  Improved 3 way slot design
  Increased number of out-gassing exit points
  Effective removal of brake dust and debris.
  Effective in maintaining consistent friction.

DBA’s patented T3 slot design is the ultimate in braking technology, further building on the benefits of DBA’s high performing T2 slot design.

The T3 slot design further increases the number of out-gassing exit points on the rotor surface, and assists in the removal of unwanted dust and debris between the rotor and brake pad, which otherwise could cause pad glazing and loss of brake performance.

The development of the revolutionary bi-directional slot design eliminates the concern of having opposing left and right designated brake rotors, with DBA T2 and T3 rotors able to be used on either side of your vehicle.

The bi-directional slot design also assists in dampening the vibration harmonics (noise), resulting in a quieter, more responsive and smoother brake pedal feel.

The T3 slot design is individually CNC machined into each rotor to ensure the highest quality and performance.