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DBA Disc Part Numbering System


DBA has designed an intuitive numbering system that allows the same underlying part number to be carried through the different DBA rotor series and disc styles.

All disc part numbers will begin with “DBA”, a number prefix is then used to denote the Series, while Suffux’s are used to denote the style.

A part number will be assigned a base part number for a Street Series disc. E.g. DBA040.

Though the addition of prefixes and suffixes, you will be able to easily identify which product number you are after. A part number may have more than one suffix if it has multiple features.

Part number Series

Base part number Performance Series

D B A    0 4 0

Street Series

D B A 4 0 4 0

4000 Series

D B A 5 0 4 0

5000 Series

The suffix that is applied to a part number may be unique to that series, so it is important to view the whole part number. i.e. a slotted suffix (S) in Street Series is for a T2 slot, where a slotted suffix (S) in 4000 Series and 5000 Series is for a T3 slot. A full list of part number suffix’s is presented below by Series.

The numbers represent the rotor’s base part number, while the suffix ‘letter’ denotes the rotor’s style.

Base part number Style of Rotor

D B A    0 4 0



DBA Part no.Base numberSuffixDisc Style
DBA040DBA040nonePlain face
DBA040SDBA040SSlotted (T2 pattern)
DBA040XDBA040XCross-drilled & dimpled
DBA040ESDBA040E, SEn-Shield & Slotted (T2 pattern)

These part numbers start with the prefix number ‘4’ with a suffix ‘letter’ determining the rotor style.

Base part number Style of Rotor

D B A 4 0 4 0



DBA Part no.Base numberSuffixDisc Style
DBA4040DBA040nonePlain face
DBA4040SDBA040SSlotted (T3 pattern)
DBA4040OESL | OESRDBA040OESL or OESRLeft or right slotted (OE pattern)
DBA4040CSL | CSRDBA040CSL or CSRLeft or right slotted (Curved pattern),
DBA4040XSDBA040XSCross-Drilled & Dlotted
DBA4040BLKXSDBA040BLK, XSBlack hat, Cross-Drilled & Slotted
DBA4040XDDBA040XDCross-Drilled & Dimpled
DBA4040WDBA040WWave Design

5000 series rotors follow DBA’s 4000 series numbering system with the number prefix of ‘5’, however 5000 series rotors have 2 unique aspects:

  • 5000 series rotors are a 2-piece design (Aluminium hats and cast iron rings). As such they are available as a complete assembly ready for direct replacement, or the hat or flat discs (rings) available separately.
  • 5000 series rotors are often available with different coloured hats

When sold as individual components, it is important to note that the rings (flat discs) will start with a suffix of ‘.1’, hats will start with a suffix of ‘.2’, while a complete assembly will not have either ‘.’ Suffix.

In a complete assembly or ‘.2’ hat replacement only, the hat colour will be included in the part number.

Base part numbers Description

D B A 5 0 4 0

Complete assembly

D B A 0 4 0.1

Flat Disc only

D B A 0 4 0.2

Hat only

5000 series part number structure

DBA 5000 series part numbers are composed in a strict order

Base Part NumberAssembly typeWave?Hat colourStyleComplete DBA part number

*Note: a flat disc (ring) part number ‘.1’ will not have a hat colour associated with the part number
**Note: a hat part number ‘.2’ will not have a disc style associated with the part number

Hat colours

DBA Part no.SuffixColour

Note: 5000 Series full assemblies and hat components will contain the hat colour
*Colour available in particular applications only.

Style Variations

DBA Part no.Base numberSuffixDisc Style
DBA5040DBA040nonePlain face
DBA5040SDBA040SSlotted (T3 pattern)
DBA5040XDDBA040XDCross-drilled & dimpled
DBA5040WDBA040WWave design

*DBA part numbers may also be a flat disc ‘.1’, i.e. DBA5040.1S

5000 Series examples:

DBA Part no.Base numberSuffixDescription
DBA5040SLVSDBA4040SLV, SComplete assembly, Silver hat, Slotted (T3)
DBA5040BLKXDDBA4040BLX, XDComplete assembly, Black hat, Cross-drilled & dimpled
DBA5040SLVWSDBA4040SLV, W , SSilver hat, Wave design & Slotted (T3)
DBA5040.1WSDBA4040.1, W, SFlat disc (ring) only in Wave design and Slotted (T3 pattern)
DBA5040.2SLVDBA4040.2, SLVHat only in Silver colour