Street Series Brake Pad Wear Sensor

Per Car Qty Required: 1

Brake pad wear sensors monitor the condition of the brake pads and alert the driver when they need to be replaced. STREET SERIES sensors are designed for easy replacement as part of routine brake maintenance. They have been developed for and tested in harsh Australian conditions.

Technical Specs

Sensor Length (mm)620

Package Specs

No. of items in box1
Packaged Height (cm)2
Packaged Length (cm)15
Packaged Depth (cm)21
Packaged Weight (kg)0.05

General Specs

Short DescriptionStreet Series Brake Pad Wear Sensor
Product SegmentAncillary
Product CategoryPad Sensor
Product VariantStreet Series
Warranty12 months/ 20,000km/ 12,000 miles

Product Info

Often sold in the market as an add-on and in the same box as the pad itself, DBA puts the customer in control by offering the option to purchase the sensor based on the actual replacement need.

Brake pad wear sensors should be part of a vehicles regular maintenance schedule. Keeping the brake pad wear sensors in good working order offers the driver a number of benefits, including

Improved safety: Sensors ensure that the brakes are always operating flawlessly by monitoring the condition of the brake pads, thus improving overall safety on the road.

Peace of mind: Sensors help to take the guesswork out of brake maintenance by providing an early warning of brake pad wear.

Cost savings: Sensors can help to reduce the need for more extensive brake repairs down the line by alerting the driver to brake pad wear early.

DBAs STREET SERIES range comprises two types of brake pad wear sensors: electric and magnetic. Both types offer tried and tested technology, are durable and reliable, and are typically easy to install as part of routine brake maintenance.


  1. Manufactured to the strictest quality standards
  2. Individual sale for increased flexibility
  3. Multi-pad usability requiring less SKUs and stock holding
  4. Easy to install
  5. Ideal for use with Street Series, Street Performance and Xtreme Performance brake pads

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