Savy Motorsport is proud to announce their first batch of custom-built Group NB and NC rotors have arrived for dispatch.

At 280mm x 28mm thick, 287mm x 30mm or 297mm x 32mm sizes, they will suit Camaro, Mustang, Falcon, Monaro, Nova, Charger, Pacer, Porsche, Studebaker and almost any vintage racer in between. These are especially made for Historic Touring Racing applications.

The Group NC 60 vane brake rotors are made exclusively for Savy, from the same 5000 series disc material as our off-the-shelf 2-piece rotors.

With great value for a purpose-built rotor at only $290 inc GST per disc, they can only be purchased from Savy Motorsport, but get in quickly as this first batch are sure to run out the door like hotcakes. And Savy has some great pad combos to help you maximize your braking efficiency on the race track, as well.

Visit the Savy Facebook page for more information.

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