A French driver by the name of Frank Lecerf experienced a real-life Speed movie situation. No brakes kind of makes it hard to drive a car, and to make matters worse, his Renault Laguna clocked 125mph (200km/h).

no brakesThis no brakes story started off when the French driver took off to get his weekly groceries somewhere near Nth France, eventually making it to the Belgian border. Little did he know, he would star in his own Speed movie and be his own Keanu Reeves.

His no brakes Renault’s speed first got stuck at 95km/h. And when things couldn’t get any worse, the French driver’s brakes seized to function and the car continued to accelerate to the top speed of 200km/h. This forced Keanu-Frenchy to take the main French highway that led him to Belgium. He would later end up in an embankment when the car finally had run out of gas.

He said his life flashed before his eyes and that he just wanted it to stop.

Just think… what would you do if you had no brakes going 200km/h? Well the first thing Keanu-Frenchy did was take the fast-lane and signalled and honked in an attempt to warn other motorists that his vehicle had no intention of slowing down. When traffic died down enough, he was able to get in contact with authorities. That’s when a whole fleet of cops escorted him through the French countryside.

french driver

Luckily it only took an hour for his Speed movie to end. That’s the time it took for his Renault to run out of petrol. During the police chase, a Renault official was consulting the police of possible solutions, but none were effective.

Frank Lecerd will be pressing charges against the motor vehicle company for “endangerment of a person’s life”. He said his life flashed before his eyes and that he just wanted it to stop.