march, 2022

25marallday27GT Show - Suzhou, China


Event Details

GT Show is focused on promoting and spreading the lifestyle of owning a car. Encouraged by the national policies on road trip and motor sports and instructed by the national documents on promoting car modification consumptions, GT show involves car tuning culture and motor sport, car life and outdoor living peripherals and covers 7 vertical market segments including street car tuning, commercial vehicles customization, motorcycle, off-road vehicle, racing automobiles, aftermarket service and trendy cultural creativity. It is aimed to cultivate a personalized car culture belonging to the Chinese and showcase a car lifestyle with speed and passion, dreams and experiences, trends and fashion.

Now GT Show has grown into a leading professional auto tuning exhibition in China, which is among the top in terms of exhibition area, the number of exhibitors and visitors, the channel coverage, the content sections and the online communications.

DBA will be in attendance!


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march 25 (Friday) - 27 (Sunday)

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