Disc Brakes Australia has announced a major addition to its already impressive line-up of brake products. The all-new product line of STREET SERIES brake pads is aimed at the OE replacement market and is available Australia-wide from April on. It closes a gap in the company’s portfolio by adding to its existing range of STREET PERFORMANCE and XTREME PERFORMANCE brake pads.

Lars Mehlan, Marketing Manager for DBA, explains: “For over 40 years our business has enjoyed great success in engineering and manufacturing brake products here in Australia, and no doubt our new STREET SERIES brake pads will set the same quality and performance standards that the market has come to appreciate from the #1 trusted brand for disc rotors in Australia.”

For its latest program addition, DBA has listened to both its workshop and DIY customers. “Obviously it is a busy market, however we have found that many of the brake pad options out there compromise on performance and quality or vehicle coverage and availability, or all of the above. By addressing these issues, we are confident we can offer a real, valuable alternative for OE replacement pads.”

Performance and Features
The all-new range of STREET SERIES brake pads was developed with three technical objectives in mind – create a brake pad that performs at OE level or better, offers the best friction formulation for the application, and complements DBA’s long-established, market-leading range of STREET SERIES disc rotors.

Great attention was paid to the development of the friction formulation to achieve a friction coefficient that outperforms the current market standard. Consequently, DBA did not settle on just one formulation, but offers either ceramic or semi-metallic formulations depending on application and required performance.

All STREET SERIES friction material undergoes DBA’s Thermal Stability Profiling (TSP) process, resulting in increased first application effectiveness and reducing bed-in time. Additionally, a titanium dioxide-infused bed-in stripe is applied to the material to increase the initial friction coefficient. As a result, STREET SERIES brake pads perfectly complement DBA’s range of STREET SERIES rotors, offering the shortest bed-in times and optimal braking performance across the range.

STREET SERIES brake pads are copper-free for low dust emission in accordance with NSFI regulations. All applications feature chamfers to reduce brake harshness and facilitate drive comfort, slots for improved thermal stability, and application-specific multi layered elastomeric coated shims for reduced braking noise.
All STREET SERIES brake pads are supplied with high temperature lubricant, detailed bedding-in instructions, and sensors and other hardware where applicable, making installation easy and ensuring installation times are kept to a minimum.

Coverage and Availability
To make the life of workshop mechanics and DIY enthusiasts easier was another objective that the DBA team set itself with the new STREET SERIES brake pads range. With an impressive, market-leading coverage of more than 98% of vehicles on road for its rotor range, the DBA engineers designed a pad program to cover over 95% of the Australian market, ranging from daily street cars and SUVs to Light Commercial Vehicles. The result is an impressive range of rotor & pad combinations that take the guesswork out of parts identification, saving any workshop technician valuable time and helping increase workshop throughput and turn-around.

Other important aspects of workshop efficiency are ease of parts identification and parts availability. DBA uses one of the industry’s leading formats for automotive parts cataloguing, offering a full online database of application listings for its over 700 SKUs of STREET SERIES brake pads as well as over 600 SKUs of ceramic friction brake shoes. The catalogue, which is accessible via the DBA website, contains a high-res line drawing for each pad to facilitate parts identification and lists the corresponding STREET SERIES rotor to bundle up with, as well as alternative upgrade / performance products from the DBA range of rotors and pads.

Like all DBA products, the all-new range of STREET SERIES brake pads is being distributed via DBA’s seven distribution centres around Australia and New Zealand for immediate availability.

For further information contact us by phone on 1800 730 039 or email at sales@dba.com.au.