With over four decades of manufacturing experience and unsurpassed knowledge, DBA has positioned itself as Australia’s most awarded manufacturer and a global leader in brake rotor development and manufacturing. We are proud to announce our sponsorship of the Bathurst winning, Penrite Racing Supercars team for 2019.

“DBA’s brand is similar to the Erebus brand; a high performing and innovative Australian team taking it to much larger and global competition,” RYCO Group’s CEO Guy Nicholls said.

The partnership comes as a result of the brake disc company’s sister firm RYCO Filters. Ryco Filters has been part of the squad since 2017 and has enjoyed much success, including their Bathurst 1000 win. The brand featured solely on Reynolds’ Commodore but have just recently appeared on the #99.

“We are very pleased with the association we have had and to now be represented on Anton’s car is just fantastic,” Nicholls said.

“We can’t wait for the season to get underway today.”