jan 2016 Cox -Tsukuba Super battle

Jan 2016 Cox -Tsukuba Super battle_3

Late last year we reported that Japanese performance powerhouse, Cox Inc., were set to enter the Tsukuba Super Battle with two VW Golfs. And we’re delighted to tell you that both performed brilliantly!

Their COX Golf R put down a best time of 1’04.062 and ended up 4th in Super Street/4WD class, despite less-than-stellar track conditions due to the sheer temperature of the day.
Meanwhile their Golf GTE – the first ever Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle (PHV) entered – achieved a best time of 1’09.668, finishing 3rd in Super Street/FF3 class.

“This is a new concept of VW’s with sporty performance and a focus on the ecology aspect. By changing only suspension and brakes (to DBA) we have managed to break the 1’10 seconds barrier. This was a very successful event for Cox to promote performance advantages and reliability of VW. We achieved great results against some powerful Japanese performance cars which showed good combinations of braking, cornering, traction and a total balance of the car,” Cox Inc. commented.


Jan 2016