DBA Brake Fluid is high temperature resistant with low water absorption properties, DBA Brake Fluid ensures that corrosion, condensation and locking, which leads to loss of pedal response, is avoided. Using the correct grade and quality brake fluid ensures the safest operation of hydraulic braking systems.

Available fluids include DOT3, DOT4, Super DOT 4 and DOT5.1, which covers most domestic and commercial vehicles. Packed in the popular 500ml sizes, DBA’s range of brake fluids are polyglycol fluids suitable for popular vehicle applications. DBA Brake Fluid has high temperature resistance, low moisture absorption and anti corrosion properties in every grade of fluid. Brake fluids that inhibit metal corrosion from absorbed moisture can reduce the costs in maintaining hydraulic brake systems.


Super DOT 4 is a performance brake fluid, used in European and performance vehicles. Super DOT 4 can be used in a DOT 4 vehicles. The main difference between DOT 4 and Super DOT 4 is the boiling point, where Super DOT 4 is higher.

The importance of using quality brake fluid in hydraulic braking systems should never be taken lightly. Always consider the environmental conditions the vehicle is exposed to and where appropriate, use the highest quality of brake fluid possible. This will save on maintenance costs later in the vehicles life as well as ensuring safety and the highest performance in the vehicles braking system.