The Audi S3 8P and its sister car — the Volkswagen Golf R Mk6 — have rapidly become two of Australia’s most popular tuner cars.


The S3 has been part of Audi’s high-performance line-up since 1999. While the first generation of the Audi S3 failed to capture main-stream attention — and sales — the second-generation Audi S3 8P garnered a cult following and presented a genuine European alterative to the Subaru WRX STI and Mitsubishi Evolution.


When Volkswagen launched the Golf Mk6 R in 2010—a car that shares its engine, chassis and most components with the S3 8P—the secret was out of the bag. Performance cars enthusiasts and tuners quickly caught wind of the potential of the 188kW/330Nm 2.0-litre TFSI four-cylinder engine that lurked beneath the bonnet.


For Sparesbox Product Specialist Liam, the appeal of the S3 was the fact that it looked just like a normal A3 — perfectly unassuming.


“I was tossing up between an Audi S3 8P and a BMW 135i. Don’t get me wrong, I love the way the BMW drives and there’s no denying how well it handles, but it was just a little too garish for me. I wanted something that flew under the radar — In silver, the S3 is such a discreet performance car.”


After six-months of owning and driving the car in stock guise, Liam’s attention turned to unlocking the potential of the engine. Thanks to a slew of supporting hardware and an ECU tune, the S3 now produces 201kw at all four wheels — about 25% more power than stock.


Once the power was sorted, the focus turned to ensuring that the brakes were able up to the task. Having recommended DBA Brakes to countless friends, colleagues and customers, Liam had no qualms choosing DBA for his brake upgrade.



“I thought about fitting a full Big Brake Kit from the Audi RS4, but after considering what I would be using the car for — a commuter with some occasional track work — the BBK didn’t make sense. I rode shotgun at a track day with a friend who had DBA T3 Slotted Rotors fitted to his S3 and I was sold —they felt miles better than my OE brake setup”.


The DBA Street Series D2 are a direct replacement for the OE rotors fitted to the Audi S3 8P — 345mm at the front and 310mm at the rear. The DBA T3 tri-symmetrical slots delivered a quieter, more responsive and smoother braking feel.


“The brakes felt a lot more responsive and malleable than the OE rotors that were fitted to the S3. The biggest difference came in the sound — the OE rotors fitted to the Audi S3 8P and Mk6 Golf are notorious for brake squeal at low speeds, whereas the DBA rotors are completely quiet at all speeds and temperatures.”



Two track days and 7,000km later, the DBA T3 rotors fitted to the front and rear of the Audi S3 continue to perform flawlessly with very few signs of wear.  


Want the Parts?

DBA T3 Front Rotor (Pair) Fitted to Audi S3 8P: DBA42808S

DBA T3 Rear Rotor (Pair) Fitted to Audi S3 8P: DBA42809S

Note: These rotors are suitable for use on a wide range of Volkswagen and Audi vehicles that share the same OE braking components.